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Question: What is the NEWSTART® program? Can everybody use it? Is there a copyright associated with it? Can you give more details?

Answer: NEWSTART® is the brand name of a wholistic lifestyle program which is ideal for the maintenance and improvement of personal health but also has shown to be very successful in the treatment of many chronic lifestyle related diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, overweight, arthritis, high cholesterol, stress, and even some types of cancer.

The name is an acronym formed by the initial letters of the eight natural factors of health: nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God. It was originated and copyrighted by the Weimar Institute in California. For more details see http://www.newstarthealth.org.

Everyone can apply freely the lifestyle principles for his/her own benfit. Treatments are usually done in special health or lifestyle centers under the supervision of trained medical personnel. The Euro-Africa Division Health Department, in collaboration with the Clinic La Lignière and with the agreement of the Weimar Institute, has registered the NEWSTART® program here in Europe in order to protect it from misuse. More details are summarized in the following document

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