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Health Expos – Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly active in fighting risk factors of the most common causes of death. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes are the most common causes of death in industrialized nations but their importance is rapidly rising in developing countries. Transmissible diseases are the major cause of death in developing countries. Of these, HIV/AIDS is also a major health problem in industrialized nations. Other medical problems such as anxiety/depression, are becoming increasingly more common and even these may have an indirect relationship with mortality, reduce quality of life and affect interpersonal relationships.
There are 8 main factors related to disease prevention and physical, emotional and spiritual health. These are: nutrition, exercise, water, sun, temperance, air, rest and trust in divine power. Each factor is addressed in detail at the Health Expo using a combination of health posters with up-to-date medical information, medical tests and health counselling. Daily health seminars on the most common medical problems incorporate practical advice on how to prevent and help those conditions using lifestyle modification.

The Health Expo involves health professionals and non-medical volunteers from the community who are interested in healthful living. The latter undergo a short training program on the principles of a healthy lifestyle and the different activities offered at a Health Expo. By doing so, effective health education can be given without the presence of so many health professionals. These, however, provide the background scientific and technical support needed at the each Expo.
It is estimated that if communities adopted the health principles promoted at the Health Expos, their mortality rates for cancer and cardiovascular diseases, for example, could drop by 60-70% and 70-80% respectively. Longevity could be increased by 6-12 years, with better quality of life. Medical costs would be greatly reduced and people could live better, healthier lives.

Health Expos are becoming one of the most effective tools to reach people of all social classes and different cultural or religious backgrounds.

More details about the organization, costs, necessary equipment, training, etc. are described in the Health Expo Manual. It can be obtained through the Health Department: Contact us

The simple tests are described in
                    Health Expo Tests.pdf

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