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  • To promote a healthy lifestyle for the best function of body, mind and soul (1Th 5:23) to God’s glory (1Co 10:31)
  • To restore the moral image of God in man by healing the wounds which sin has made (General Conference Bulletin, April 24, 1901 par. 28)
  • To assist in the proclamation of the gospel as the right arm assists the body (Testimonies vol. 6, p. 288)


"The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes that man was made originally in the image of God. The entrance of sin into the world marred the image and resulted in a separation of man from his Maker, to his detriment physically, mentally, and spiritually. The church believes that the health ministry in the relief of suffering and the treatment of disease may contribute directly to the restoration of the whole man.

The health ministry of the church – by education, by precept and example, and by making the laws of healthful living understood and accepted – can assist mankind in avoiding these illnesses caused by the violations of health principles. Thus the health ministry may contribute to the avoidance of illness, to the restoration of health here on earth, and to the reconciliation of man to God, which is a preparation for eternal life hereafter."

General Conference Autumn Council Action of 1969

General Tasks (on an ongoing basis):

  • promote health awareness of the public through Health Expos and Health
  • maintain high standards in SDA hospitals
  • promote a healthy lifestyle among church members
  • strengthen of health curriculum in SDA schools and theological seminaries
  • nurture SDA medical and nurses' associations (AIMS chapters) through regular congresses and conventions
  • foster the development of lifestyle programs in SDA hospitals
  • improve the food services of SDA institutions
  • translate and promote E.G. White's books on health
  • support medical missions
  • advise in the establishment of private "supporting" SDA health promotion centers

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