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"I’m a nurse and would like to work in the mission field."

To serve the Lord is certainly one of the best decisions one can take. We live in times where faithful people with vision and courage are very needed. There are many needs all over the world but due to political, cultural and financial restraints it has become increasingly difficult to go to the "mission field" abroad, compared to some years ago.
Unfortunately, our Division does not have hospitals in the mission field (usually people mean Africa). 

First of all, give us more information: full name, address, age, marital status, degrees (a complete curriculum vitae would be best), the languages you speak (usually English, French or Spanish are needed), and the length of time you would like to serve.

All these informations are very necessary. For example, if you are under 30 years you could probably find a place as a volunteer (See Youth-Dept.). ADRA also has special needs from time to time. Full employment for 3 or more years is very seldom because in actuality most countries have their own nurses which cost less.

For physicians with specialty there may be openings around the world. You may take a look at the following websites to get an initial idea:

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